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               Information and Links related to Majors advised by Teresa Phimister

      English Majors

English Program Information

English - Literary Studies Degree Requirements

English - Creative Writing Option Degree Requirements

English - Teaching Option Degree Requirements

English - Teaching Without Certificate Option Degree Requirements

English Courses

English Formal Minor checksheet.pdf

        General Social Sciences Majors

Social Science Program Information

General Studies - Social Sciences Plan A Degree Requirements

General Studies - Social Sciences Plan B Degree Requirements

General Studies - Social Sciences Degree Courses (Students should consult with an advisor to discuss course related questions)

 General Humanities Majors

Humanities Program Information


Humanities Courses (Please consult with advisor for course related questions)


Digital Techology & Culture, Creative Media & Digital Culture Option Majors

Creative Media & Culture Program Information

DTC/CMDC Degree Requirements

DTC Courses



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