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Offered as: Minor

Washington State University Vancouver now offers a minor in Communication through a partnership between The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication and The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program. The Communication minor will teach new methods of writing and media composition for digital and analog contexts.

With more and more people using online media -- such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and mobile applications  -- the need for career preparation in these new realms is vital. Composed of seven courses (six of which are needed to earn the minor) and taught by experts in digital media and journalism, the Communication minor can be completed in less than two years and will offer opportunities for internships with local media outlets. 

Courses in the sequence:

Com 101 

"Media and Society," a foundational course on mass media, media literacy and effects

An introduction to mass communication theories and concepts designed to build your critical-analytical skills and raise your awareness about contemporary media issues

Com 102 

"Communication in an Information Society," the art of presentations

Face-to-face and mediated communication in group and professional settings.

Com 300  

“Media Writing,” basic composition, focused on journalistic and persuasive styles

Write and discuss your writing in every session of this course, as part of an intensive and active workshop setting, designed to improve your craftsmanship as well as your focus 

ComJour 333

“Reporting Across Platforms,” media production through diverse digital channels

Print is just one medium, among many, that this minor covers; in this class, students get opportunities to explore and express themselves in various digital formats

Com 415

“Media Law,” an examination of communication law and its effects on practice

An in-depth study of the laws and related actions that determine the course of media today

Com 440

“Media Ethics,” ethical frameworks within media and how those shape society

When gray areas of law arise, how do we respond as ethical practitioners of media? A look at the case studies from the past, combined with vigorous discussions about tough issues today

ComJour 466 

“Digital Video Editing for News Reporting and Documentary,” media videography

Moving images dominate media messages in contemporary society; in this class, students learn to read the nuances of those messages as well as create their own nonfiction stories

All courses will be taught in a multimedia classroom with access to state-of-the-art technology.

Students interested in the Communication minor can take their digital skills even further by majoring in Digital Technology & Culture (DTC), a program that focuses on web development and design, mobile applications, video production, 2D and 3D animation and game design. For more information about the DTC major, please visit here.

If you are interested in declaring a minor, please contact: Shellynda Michalek, 360-546-9106.
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