WSU Vancouver Critical Culture, Gender, and Race Studies

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Offered as: Minor

The Critical Culture, Race, & Gender Studies program at WSU Vancouver is an interdisciplinary field that places gender at the center of inquiry, considering the ways that class, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, age and ability shape the human experience. This program can be used as a secondary concentration for either the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities or the Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences.

For students pursuing a degree in Humanities, the program allows for the development of an interdisciplinary framework for future study or teaching. For students in the Social Sciences, it offers similar grounding, but may also be used as part of preparation for a career providing counseling, consulting or health services to women and families.

Critical Culture, Race, & Gender Studies is a flexible, versatile degree that can be used in many careers, and as a minor can complement many majors. Critical Culture, Race, & Gender Studies courses provide students with valuable skills in writing, critical thinking, research, public presentation, and leadership. In addition, employers are increasingly aware of the need to deal with gender and diversity issues in the workplace, and value applicants with such training.

Women's Studies Minor
If you are interested in declaring a minor in Women's Studies, please contact: Shellynda Michalek, 360-546-9106. Women's Studies Formal Minor checksheet (PDF) 

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