Independent Study

Procedures and Syllabi for Independent Study/Research Practicum/Directed Study Projects/Teaching Apprenticeship - common designations: Engl 498 and Engl 499

- These courses will not be approved after the 10th day of classes.

- Independent Studies should be on topics/subjects not covered by courses offered and they cannot substitute for existing courses.

- Student secures permission from a faculty member to register for an independent study during the regular semester prior to the semester during which he or she wishes to enroll.

- The faculty member and student discuss the basic parameters for the independent study or internship including: focus, specific nature of the work, project or topic, number of credits, course readings and deliverables.

- The faculty member gives the student a copy of the program's syllabus.

- Student submits 499 rationale to Program Leader, Pavithra Narayanan ( for approval.

- After PL approves the 499, student completes and submits the online Student/Teacher Assignment and Class Change Form.

- Faculty member will forward email electronic approval to Lindy Volk ( giving permission to enroll student.

- CASAC professional advisor or designated staff member enters the permission into myWSU.

- CASAC professional advisor notifies the student when the permission has been cleared.

- Student can then register for the course or, as appropriate, be registered by the CASAC professional advisor.

Link to CAS's independent study protocol:

For more information contact Dr. Pavithra Narayanan
(360) 546-9732