Literary Studies

Literary Studies is for students who desire a general liberal arts education emphasizing literature, critical thinking, and writing; and for those preparing for graduate education in English or literary studies. English is often selected as a major by students with double majors or minors in other departments.

Requirements for the Literary Studies Option

1. GER Humanities requirement [H] (1 course, 3 credit hours):

  • One of the following: Hum 101, 103, 302, 303, 304, 335, 350, 410, or 450

2. Required core (5 courses, 15 credit hours):

Engl 302Introduction to English Studies
Engl 370The Making of "English": Literature, Language and Culture Before 1600
Engl 37117th and 18th Century Transnational Literature in English
Engl 37219th Century Literature of the British Empire and the America
Engl 37320th and 21st Century Global Literatures in English 

3. Electives (7 courses, 21 credit hours):

Students may take for their electives any combination of literature classes from either the English or Humanities courses, with the following requirements:

  • No more than two may be lower-division courses (100 or 200-level) or non-literature Engl courses
  • At least one of the elective courses must be a writers-of-color course:

Engl 220: Introduction to Multicultural Literature
Engl 311: Asian/Pacific American Literature

Engl 314: Topics in Asian/Pacific American Literature

Engl 321: African American Literature

Engl 322: Topics in African American Literature
Engl 341: Native American Literature

  • At least two must be 400-level courses

The Department of English offers a variety of courses in American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, Literary and Cultural Theory, Comparative Ethnic Literatures and Cultures, Popular Culture, Film Theory, Documentary Film Production, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric and Professional Writing.

We understand the need for interdisciplinarity of approach in a contemporary, world-class university and accept the responsibility for educating students to become critically literate in diverse literatures and cultures, and become proficient communicators able to understand the power of language to shape their worlds. We are dedicated to developing educators, scholars, creative writers, and a wide spectrum of other professionals, all of whom are empowered to contribute and to lead within their chosen professions and the community at large.

Special Features of the Major

The English major provides flexibility for students who wish to combine it with second majors or minors in other disciplines or to pursue pre-professional interests aiming at graduate study and careers in a wide range of fields.

Students also have flexibility in their choice of concentration within the major in such areas as professional or creative writing, rhetoric, English or American literature, the novel or drama, world literature, writers of color, literature and gender identity, cultural studies, and film studies.

Students should consult closely with Faculty advisors throughout their program of study for advice on course selections that best meet their areas of interest and career goals.

Catalog; English Program Brochure.pdf

For more information contact Dr. Pavithra Narayanan, Program Leader, English
(360) 546-9732