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fine arts as minor

Offered as: Minor

A Minor in Studio Art requires 18 credit hours: 

  • FA102 Visual Concepts I   or  FA103 Visual Concepts  II 
  • FA110 Beginning Drawing
  • FA201 World Art History I (prehistory to 1450)  or  FA202 World Art History II (1450-present)  or  FA304 (20th century) 
  • 9 credits of Upper division Fine Arts Electives (in residence)

Alternatively, courses in Fine Arts can be taken as electives. For a full listing of Fine Arts courses at WSU Vancouver, see Courses link in left sidebar.

These courses also fill requirements for the Humanities degree, and many of them toward the Digital Technology and Culture major.

To declare a minor, or to learn about any of these options please contact Shellynda Michalek, 360-546-9106. Arts Formal Minor checksheet (PDF)

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