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Complete 39 credits total, 21 of which must be upper-division.
To accomplish this, there are two plans--

Plan A: Earn at least 24 semester hours (of which 15 semester hours must be upper-division) in Fine Arts as your primary concentration; and at least 15 semester hours (of which 6 semester hours must be upper-division) in a chosen secondary concentration.


Plan B: Another option allows you to combine three closely-related humanities areas (one of which is Fine Arts), earning at least 9 credits in each area (with 21 total upper-division credits).

Sample coursework
… which would fulfill requirements for the  B.A. in Humanities: Fine Arts.

  • FA 101 (ARTS)    Introduction to Art
  • FA 110                 Beginning Drawing
  • FA 201 (ARTS)   World Art History 1
  • FA 320                Beginning Painting
  • FA 321                Intermediate Painting
  • FA 367                Photography
  • FA 370                Intro Printmaking
  • FA 405 (M)         Contemporary Art: Theory and Practice

And then 15 additional credits in your “secondary” humanities area (including one ‘M’ course).


Courses in Fine Arts can also be taken as electives. For a full listing of Fine Arts courses at WSU Vancouver, see Courses link in left sidebar.

The coursework requirements above pertain only to the major. All WSU UCORE and College requirements (such as Foreign Language) will also need to be met.

For more information on advising or transferring credits, contact Teresa Phimister (

For curricular questions, contact Harrison Higgs (

To declare a minor, please contact Shellynda Michalek, 360-546-9106.
Arts Formal Minor checksheet (PDF)

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