All courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.

FA 101 [ARTS] [H]Introduction to Art
FA 102Visual Concepts I
FA 103Visual Concepts II
FA 110Drawing
FA 201 [ARTS] [H]World Art History I
FA 202 [ARTS] [H]World Art History II
FA 304 [H]Modern Art- 20th Century
FA 320 Beginning Painting
FA 321Intermediate Painting
FA 331Art, Science, and Technology
FA 332Introduction to Digital Media - Print and Web
FA 333Introduction to Digital Media - Video and Sound
FA 361Special Topics - Drawing
FA 363Special Topics - Digital Media
FA 367Special Topics - Photography
FA 370Introduction to Printmaking
FA 380History of Photography
FA 385Digital Photography
FA 405 (M)Contemporary Art: Theory and Practice
FA 433Print Based Media
FA 434Time Based Media

Courses count toward the Humanities: Fine Arts degree, or toward the formal Minor in Fine Arts. Contact Teresa Phimister for more information.

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