Formal Minor in Addiction Studies

The Departments of Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice at WSU Vancouver offer an interdisciplinary minor that provides basic undergraduate training in addiction studies. This minor creates a unique opportunity for students and faculty to integrate disease and sociocultural models of addiction in order to collaborate on novel techniques for treating addictive behaviors.

Track 1 Description

This track comprises course work in the Department of Psychology. It is aimed at preparing students for certification as chemical dependency professionals (CDP) in Washington State. The minor provides theoretical and practical training in the diagnosis and treatment of addictive behaviors. It is important to note that courses in Track 1, taken by themselves, address only a subset of these competencies and therefore those wishing to obtain certification would need to take additional course work through Clark College's Addiction Counselor Education Department (ACED).

Addiction Studies Track 1 Formal Minor (PDF)

It is strongly recommended that a student interested in the formal minor consult directly with Shellynda Michalek prior to declaring the minor to determine the timeline for completion of the minor.

Minor Advisor
(360) 546-9106

Formal or Certified minor requires a minimum of 19 semester credits, which must include the following courses:

Required Courses:

Psych 110Introduction to Addiction Studies
Psych 265BioPsychological Effects of Alcohol and Drugs
Psych 333Abnormal Psychology
Psych 342Assessment and Treatment of Dual Diagnosis
Psych 442Advanced Addiction Treatment Techniques

And one from the following:

SOC 368Sociological Theories of Addictive Behavior
SOC 468Addictive Behavior across the Demographic Spectrum
CRM J 428Drug and Alcohol Use and Abuse