Undergraduate Degrees in Psychology

Photo of students in classroomWSU Vancouver's Psychology undergraduate degrees reflect the philosophy of the College of Liberal Arts. To provide a broad liberal arts background, students pursuing our two Psychology major degree programs must complete all CLA general education requirements (GERs).

Psychology programs and coursework

Psychology coursework is designed to further students' liberal arts education as well as provide a solid foundation in psychological science. In addition to foundation courses in statistics and methods, students may select courses focusing on the major theories and applications in psychology's subdisciplines, such as social/organizational psychology, neuroscience, and clinical psychology. Some courses offer training in specific skills. Our Personnel Psychology/Human Resource Management degree offers career preparatory course work.

Preparing you for a career or graduate school

WSU Vancouver Psychology Department graduates work in a variety of professions. Those who elect to complete specialized practica and internships often work in psychology-related professions; others apply their liberal arts education more generally, working in professional fields outside psychology.

Many of our students choose graduate training as a route to careers in professional psychology.

We strongly recommend students use advising in the process of selecting the degree option that best matches their needs and interests.