Public Administration Concentration

Should total 12 credits in addition to core course work.

Required Courses

Two of the following:

Pol S 443Administrative Jurisprudence
Pol S 445Public Personnel Administration
Pol S 446Public Budgeting
Pol S 547Seminar in Public Administration


Two of the following

Pol S 417Voting and Elections
Pol S 420Political Parties and Interest Groups
Pol S 436Disability, Aging and Public Policy
Pol S 445Public Personnel Administration
Pol S 447Comparative Public Administration
Pol S 450The Legislative Process
Pol S 495Topics in Political Science
Pol S 512Seminar in American Institutions - Note: variable topics - may be repeated for maximum of 6 credits.
Pol S 514Seminar in Public Policy
Pol S 532Seminar in International Political Economy
Pol S 541/
Crm J 540
Seminar in Evaluation Research - Note: may not be used as an elective if counted toward the core course work requirements.
Pol S 542/
Crm J 592 
Proseminar in Administration, Justice, and Applied Policy Studies - Note: variable topics - summer workshops limited to 3 credits unless students have written approval. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits.
Pol S 543Topics in Public Administration and Policy  Note: variable topics - may be repeated for maximum of 6 credits.  The 3 credits earned when the course is taken under the subtitle Qualitative Methods in Public Affairs cannot be counted as elective credit. 
Pol S 544The Politics of Policy Process
Pol S 552Administrative Law and Regulation
Pol S XXXOrganizational Theory and Behavior (currently in development)
Mgt Op 501Management of Organizations
Mgt Op 582Human Resource Management
Mgt Op 585Graduate Seminar in Negotiations
Mgt Op 590Strategy Formulation and Organizational Design
Mgt Op 593Managerial Leadership and Productivity

Note: any relevant graduate course may be used as an elective WITH APPROVAL OF YOUR COMMITEE.