Graduate Study in Natural Sciences

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Explore science in the Pacific Northwest

As part of Washington State University, WSU Vancouver is a small school with big-school resources. Graduate students can work on well-funded research in state-of-the-art laboratories. Most receive multiyear stipends combining teaching and research assistantships as well as tuition waivers.

WSU Vancouver is just across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon, and is close to the Cascade Mountains, Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean. In addition to its celebrated quality of life, the Pacific Northwest boasts a fruitful climate for scientific collaboration, with opportunities at numerous medical, environmental, research and teaching institutions throughout the region.

You may pursue the following degrees on the Vancouver campus:

Students in Vancouver may also participate in activities on the university’s main campus in Pullman.

Research topics

WSU Vancouver science faculty are exploring conservation ecology and genetics, disturbance ecology, marine ecology, agroecology, molecular biology, oceanography, environmental physics, biogeochemistry, animal behavior and neuroscience.

Because graduate students work closely with faculty in pursuing their research, you must line up a mentor before applying. Explore our Faculty Research pages to find someone whose research interests fit with your own, then contact that person to discuss applying to graduate school at WSU Vancouver.

Faculty members can be most helpful if they know a little about you. At a minimum, please provide a resume or CV, educational transcripts and information about your research background and interests.

To see what other graduate students are working on, view a directory of current graduate students.

See our program booklet: Graduate Study in the Natural Sciences (PDF)

For additional information, contact Gretchen Rollwagen-Bollens, Program Leader for Natural Sciences Graduate Programs

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