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We are pleased to provide the campus and community with a place where writing is highly valued and loved. Here at your Writing Center, we encourage you to discover the myriad of possibilities for your unique voice within the writing community. We are here to help create better writers in a cooperative learning environment.


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Our consultants are trained to work with writers one on one and electronically via the OWL. Consultants will work with writers to first identify globally effective and ineffective parts of a paper. Global feedback will be followed by feedback on local issues such as sentence construction, citation style, formatting, and grammar. Action points, discussed by the writer and the consultant, will be created to guide the writer in the important revision process that serves to highlight unique insights.

We would like to see you in person. However, we also provide our Online Writing Lab (OWL) for electronic submission of papers. Keep in mind that this forum can limit our ability to converse with you. In addition, please allow 48 hours for a reply. Simply e-mail your paper and a description of the assignment in a Microsoft Word or Rich-Text format to

Writing Center Hours:

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 10-3

Wednesday: 10-3

Thursday: 10-3

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

Citation resources

In any researched essay, it is important to credit the ideas and words of others that have been incorporated into your writing. The following citation style guides can assist you in formatting your citations:

MLAHANDOUT October 10 2012-1.pdf



For a short, fully interactive tutorial with samples of APA style research papers, please refer to the following link:

Writing Resources

Academic writing requires attention to detail and knowledge of basic but important grammatical and stylistic conventions. The following are some resources for finding and correcting issues in your papers.

Least Wanted Words.pdf Overview of language to avoid in academic papers

The Comma Splice.pdf How to avoid the comma splice

Paper Organization.pdf Overview of how to organize your paper

Sentence Workshop.pdf Brief look at what makes a good sentence

Phone: 360-546-9650
Location: VLIB 203

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