You can take anthropology at WSU Vancouver as part of a bachelor of arts in anthropology or a bachelor of arts in social sciences. You can also earn a minor in anthropology.

The B.A. in anthropology emphasizes a foundation in the four fields of anthropology: archaeology, cultural anthropology, physical anthropology and linguistics.

You will also gain experience in writing and critical analysis, the theoretical and methodological aspects of the discipline, and cultural and biological diversity.

Anthropologists at WSU Vancouver are part of the larger anthropology department housed on the WSU Pullman campus. The graduate program involves the faculty of both campuses.

Sample courses

  • Peoples of the world
  • Introduction to archaeology
  • Genes, culture and human diversity
  • Medical anthropology
  • Integrative themes in anthropology

Course requirements

For details about requirements and courses, see the course catalog.

Graduate program

You can also earn a Ph.D. in anthropology on the Vancouver campus. For more information, see Graduate Studies in the Department of Anthropology.