Independent study and internship form process

  1. Student secures permission from a faculty member to register for an independent study during the regular semester prior to the semester during which he or she wishes to enroll. The faculty member and student discuss the basic parameters for the independent study or internship including: focus, specific nature of the work, project or topic, number of credits, course readings and deliverables. The faculty member gives the student a copy of the program's syllabus.
  2. Student completes the Student/Teacher Assignment and Class Change Form and submits the electronic form for faculty members electronic approval.
  3. Faculty member will forward electronic approval email giving permission to Katrina Choi,, to enroll student.
  4. CASAC professional advisor or designated staff member enters the permission into myWSU.
  5. CASAC professional advisor notifies the student when the permission has been cleared.
  6. Student can then register for the course or, as appropriate, be registered by the CASAC professional advisor. Under normal circumstances, registration must be complete by the 10th day of classes (or by the end of the first week of classes during the summer session). Late registration exceptions will be granted in emergency cases only.
  7. CASAC professional advisor or designated staff member sends an e-mail to the faculty member informing them of the registration and requesting completion of the Supplemental Form (PDF). The appropriate program leader and the CAS Assistant Director for Students and Advising are copied on this e-mail. Under normal circumstances, this form must be completed by the end of the third week of classes.
  8. The faculty member emails the completed Supplemental Form (PDF) to the CAS Assistant Director pg Academic Advising and Students via e-mail. The CAS Assistant Director will follow up with faculty who have not submitted the form within two weeks of the start of classes. Under normal circumstances, all forms must be submitted by the end of the third week of classes.