Resources for students

Advising (CASAC)

The College of Arts and Sciences Advising Center offers advising appointments, advising resources and faculty mentor information.

See also: CASAC advising syllabus

Foreign Language Advanced Placement

Information regarding the process of awarding advanced placement credits for prior knowledge of a foreign language.


An internship will help you gain work experience and build your professional resume.

Independent study and internships: Steps and forms to complete the process.

Language Learning Resource Center

The Language Learning Resource Center is open to students currently enrolled in foreign language and culture courses.


Online orientation should be completed by all new College of Arts and Sciences students.

Pre-health mock interview request form

Request a mock interview to prepare for a professional school interview.

Quantitative Skills Center (QSC)

Tutoring drop-in hours for math, chemistry, mechanical engineering, microeconomics, physics and statistics.

Writing Assessment

The Writing Assessment Office administers the following:

Writing Center

Tutors work one-on-one to give feedback and suggestions on strengthening your writing. Visit the Writing Center to learn more.