The Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics at WSU Vancouver has three tracks: actuarial science, business and data visualization.

  • The actuarial science track emphasizes financial math, with economics, business law and finance courses.
  • The business track focuses on management information systems, with economics, communications and accounting courses, and flexibility to select from management, finance and marketing courses.
  • The data visualization track focuses on digital technology including 3D animation, multimedia design and storytelling courses.

The degree requires the following:

  • Calculus and linear algebra (10 credits)
  • Computer science fundamentals (11 credits)
  • Machine learning and data management (9 credits)
  • Statistics (15 credits)
  • Data analytics introduction, ethics and project-focused capstone experience (9 credits)

The degree also requires specialization courses: 24 credits in actuarial science, 27 credits in business, or 30 credits in the data visualization track.