The Bachelor of Arts in English at WSU Vancouver can help you develop a strong foundation in literary and cultural texts, creative and nonfiction writing, and professional and technical writing. English majors become engaged global citizens and proficient communicators who understand the power of language to shape their worlds and are prepared for active intellectual and public life in the 21st century.

With skills as critic and writer, graduates with English degrees are prepared for careers in secondary teaching, business, public service and law, as well as advanced graduate work.

With a Bachelor of Arts in English from WSU Vancouver, you can:

  • Read literary and cultural texts carefully and critically.
  • Produce a variety of high-quality creative and critical texts using appropriate technologies.
  • Develop the abilities in critical reading, writing and thinking necessary to communicate successfully with audiences both within and outside the university.
  • Explore the record of the human experience in language.

Small discussion courses and independent study provide unique opportunities for English majors to work closely with faculty, especially in writing-intensive courses, senior seminars or projects and internships.