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Bachelor of Arts in History

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How did the world get like this? The history program at WSU Vancouver tries to understand the present in light of the past. History helps us see the world from different perspectives, so that we can imagine and build a better future together.

At WSU Vancouver, you will learn about American and global history while you build research skills to write with precision and clarity and analyze the significance of the past in a variety of media.

  1. Locating relevant evidence in databases, interviews, documents and other sources to answer specific research questions
  2. Assessing the validity and bias of claims
  3. Synthesizing and analyzing evidence to communicate conclusions in clear, well-organized writing, speech and visual presentations

Teacher, principal, professor, legal assistant, lawyer, judge, archeologist, curator, outreach/volunteer coordinator, fundraiser, entrepreneur, data analyst, politician, manager, claims, sales, police officer, writer, editor, researcher, archivist, librarian, journalist, web designer.

Graduate programs

Some graduate courses can be taken at WSU Vancouver. For information on the M.A. and Ph.D. in history, see Graduate Programs.

Minor in History

The department also offers a formal minor in history and supports coursework toward certification in secondary education in history and social studies.