School of Languages, Cultures, and Race

Bienvenidos / Bienvenue / 欢迎 (huan ying) / Salutatio

Welcome to the School of Languages, Cultures, and Race. If you’d like to polish your communication skills, stretch your brain, understand other cultures, or even speak English better, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Study Languages?

Our global society expects you to appreciate a wide range of cultures. And proficiency in languages other than English can expand your opportunities. Today, many leaders in business, politics and education realize that one of the many advantages of speaking a foreign language is to better understand your own. Study after study proves the importance of foreign languages, not just for professional reasons, but for lifelong brain health.

We offer a minor in Spanish language. We do not offer a major. We also coordinate multidisciplinary comparative ethnic studies, film studies and global studies minors.