Spanish minor

Eight percent of Washington’s population is defined as LEP, or Limited English Proficient, according to recent statistics. Of these, half are Spanish speakers; a significant number of whom live in Southwest Washington or the greater Portland area. You don’t have to work in interpretation or translation to enjoy the benefits of speaking Spanish at an intermediate level. A minor in Spanish enhances your hiring potential in nearly any field, but especially in medicine, education, hospitality, business, law enforcement, social services, public policy, and marketing.

Foundation courses

Both of these courses are required. They may be taken out of order with permission.

  • SPANISH 203 (4 cr.) offered in fall
  • SPANISH 204 (4 cr.) offered in spring

Elective courses

Choose three courses from the following. Courses may be taken concurrently with permission.

Students with prior experience in the language or who learned Spanish at home may skip ahead in the following sequence with departmental permission.

Course Semester Details
SPANISH 307 (3 cr.) Speaking and Listening offered spring Not open to heritage or native speakers
SPANISH 308 (3 cr.) Grammar and Writing offered fall Essential pre-requisite for courses below
SPANISH 306 (3 cr.) Reading and Translation approximately every 3 semesters 308 should be taken first
SPANISH 362 (3 cr.) Spanish for Heath Professions approximately every 3 semesters 307 and 308 recommended as pre-requisites
SPANISH 321 (3 cr.) Latin American Cultures every 2 years Roughly every other spring; check with department
SPANISH 350 (3 cr.) Peninsular Spanish Literature every 2 years Roughly every other fall; check with department
SPANISH 351 (3 cr.) Latin American Literature every 2 years Roughly every other fall; check with department
  • Transfer and study abroad credits may apply; however, a minimum of 9 credits, including 3 credits at the 300 level, must be taken at WSU.
  • SPANISH 101 and 102, in fulfilling the foreign language admissions requirement, are not considered part of the minor.
  • SPANISH 105, 205, and 305 are supplementary and do not count toward the minor.
  • A grade of C or better in all courses is required.