The Master of Public Affairs Program at Washington State University Vancouver is closing and will not be accepting any new students.

The Master of Public Affairs program consists of 34 total semester hours of credit, including 19 semester hours of core courses and 15 semester hours in a specific concentration. Students may use up to six semester hours of 400-level classes that provide graduate credit as part of their MPA course work. To accommodate varying interests, programs will be individually tailored in consultation with an advisor. When students are approximately half-way through the program, they will set up a graduate committee of three faculty members, who will work closely with the student on their master's essay and preparation for an oral defense.

Graduate students that do not have public service work experience prior to admission are required to complete an internship (Pol S 597) for an additional 3 credit hours. The internship may be taken any semester during the student's academic program.

Core course work (22 credits)

Course Description
Pol S 502 Seminar in Normative Theory - 3 credits
Pol S 503/
Crm J 503
Research Methods in Political Science and Criminal Justice - 3 credits
Pol S 504/
Crm J 504 
Quantitative Methods in Political Science and Criminal Justice - 3 credits
Pol S 514 Seminar in Public Policy - 3 credits
(Students beginning classes prior to the Spring of 2011 may use Mgt 587 – Business Ethics – as a core course in place of Pol S 514)
Pol S 540 Proseminar in Public Administration - 3 credits
Pol S 543 Topics in Public Administration and Policy: Qualitative Methods in Public Affairs - 3 credits
(Although students may complete up to 6 credits of Pol S 543, at least 3 of those credits must be in the course subtitled Qualitative Methods in Public Affairs.)
Pol S 700 Master's Thesis - 4 credits
(Pol S 702 for students who began the program before Fall 2007)

Specific concentration requirements

Priority admission

In order for the application to be processed for priority registration, all of these materials must be received by the Graduate school and WSU Vancouver no later than January 10 for Fall semester, and July 1 for Spring semester. Applications received after the priority deadlines may still be considered for admissions.


Please contact the program assistant with questions regarding the public affairs and MPA programs: