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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

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The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science offers three specialization tracks.

General track: A broad and flexible program that includes American politics, comparative and international politics, policy and public administration and a wide range of elective courses in political science.

Pre-law track: A curriculum that reflects recommendations of the Association of American Law Schools and prepares you for law school and an eventual career in law.

Global politics track: Focus on comparative and international politics and complete an international experience that can be fulfilled through study abroad, an international internship or a minor in a foreign language or global studies.

Political Science prepares you to work for the public good. The program at WSU Vancouver is particularly committed to the Southwest Washington community, and is founded on the belief that successful training in political science at the local level can build meaningful connections with regional and national levels of governance.

The program includes core coursework in American and comparative public policy, public administration, public leadership, criminal justice policy, social justice and international politics. Students learn not only how government works but how to analyze, question and improve the political institutions that shape our daily lives.

  1. Knowledge of political processes and institutions from the local to the international level
  2. Evidence-based reasoning, including data and information literacy
  3. Political experience and networking
  4. Written and oral communication skills

Public service and administration in a wide range of agencies (transportation, health, education, legal systems and more), elected official or representative, business or civic leader, governmental or corporate communications specialist, nonprofit activist or professional, attorney, teacher, lobbyist …

Graduate programs in political science

Some graduate programs are officially offered through WSU Pullman although you may complete some or all of your degree requirements at WSU Vancouver. If you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in political science, reach out to Associate Professor Anthony C. Lopez for information.