Opportunities for students


An optional practicum and internship bring classroom learning to life in community-based, applied settings. A practicum is a good way to explore different careers, gain relevant work experience and put conceptual knowledge to practical use.

You may choose from Field Experience in Personnel Psychology (PDF) or a Cooperative Education Internship (PDF).

An internship is required for the Bachelor of ArtsĀ in Social Sciences, concentration in Personnel Psychology/Human Resource Management.


Faculty members in the Department of Psychology are engaged in a wide variety of research projects related to health conditions, organizations, neuroscience, addictive behaviors and psychological disorders.

You can take advantage of their expertise not only by taking classes but also by working with faculty mentors on their research.

Psychology Club

The WSU Vancouver Psychology Club is a student organization that encourages students who share an interest in psychology to get to know each other and contribute to the campus community. The club hosts psychology seminars, contributes to charities, organizes social events and provides an opportunity to meet with representatives of local graduate programs.