Public Affairs

Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs

The Public Affairs program helps you prepare for a rewarding and meaningful career in public service and governance. The goal is to help you become an ethical, engaged and competent professional who relies on evidence-based reasoning and practice in working for the public good.

You’ll gain experience with rigorous academic research as well as practical applications. The program includes core coursework in American and comparative public policy, public administration, public leadership and social science research methods.

Build a career in public service

A bachelor’s degree in public affairs provides a foundation for a variety of career opportunities, such as public service at the local, state, national or global levels; public policy analysis; law enforcement and corrections; personnel administration and strategic planning.

The degree also prepares you for many jobs outside of government service, such as those in nonprofit organizations. Some graduates go on to law school or graduate programs in fields such as political science, public affairs and international relations at universities such as Georgetown University, American University and USC.

With a bachelor’s degree in public affairs from WSU Vancouver, you will possess:

  • Creative and critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills
  • Scientific literacy
  • The ability to identify and use high-quality, credible and accurate information from a variety of resources
  • Sound communication skills
  • An appreciation for diversity
  • A depth and breadth of knowledge and the ability to apply your knowledge to solve problems in your field