Environmental Science, M.S. admission requirements

For more information about admission, see how to apply.


Prerequisites for admission to the M.S. in Environmental Science program include:

  • Sociology or cultural anthropology (3 semester hours)
  • Basic course in environmental science (3)
  • Biological sciences (3)
  • General chemistry or general physics (6)
  • Calculus or statistics (3)
  • General ecology (4)

Note: Due to the prerequisites of the core graduate course, a minimum requirement of one-year of general biology (for science majors), one-year of general chemistry (for science majors), and math through calculus are also required. Students admitted with deficiencies can remove them after arrival by taking suitable courses without receiving graduate credit.

  • Students must meet the minimum grade requirement for every course taken for their degree program (no grade lower than a B-) or will have to re-take the course.
  • GRE test requirement is waived until further notice.
  • Students who do not have English as their primary language must complete the TOEFL. For information about the TOEFL, see the ETS website.