The minor in women’s studies requires at least 16 credit hours in women’s studies courses. The program is interdisciplinary in nature, and courses are all cross-listed with other programs on campus. The program may also be used as a secondary concentration for bachelor’s degrees in humanities or social sciences.

Women’s studies is rooted in scholarship and activism, placing gender at the center of inquiry. Central to the consideration of gender are the ways class, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, age and ability shape the human experience.

Classes focus on how gendered social roles affect personal lies, artistic expression, work, social relationships, institutional structures, the production of knowledge, and national and international political and economic relations.

Course requirements

For details about courses and requirements, see the course catalog.

Advantages of a women’s studies minor:

  • Complements skills gained in major disciplines
  • Provides a systematic knowledge of the multidisciplinary scholarship about gender and by women and other gender minorities
  • Encourages thinking and communicating critically and analytically
  • Enhances the qualifications for working in today’s diverse workplaces