The Writing Center has an open mind when it comes to policies. We have policies that we hope serve to ensure a beneficial and cooperative writing environment. In order to create such a healthy learning environment we have a few rules that we ask of our patrons:

  • Try to limit your consultation to 45 minutes. The consultant will work with you diligently for as long as he/she feels is appropriate and productive after that.
  • We discourage "consultant hopping". Essentially this means that when you are finished with a consultation please take time to revise before approaching a different consultant.
  • Group papers need an appointment, and the paper should be submitted early. A group consultation is very different from a one-on-one consultation. Consultants need time to look over a group paper, usually because of its length, but also because each writer/researcher in the group will need to be worked with. We would like to have at least 2/3 of the group at the consultation for the same reason. In short, submit your paper at least 24 hours before the appointment if at all possible, and be sure that at least 2 people from a group of three (and so forth) are present at the consultation.
  • Graduate papers often require graduate or equally experienced readers. Please make an appointment and submit your paper 24 hours prior if possible.
  • We do not accept "drop off" papers. If you have difficulties scheduling a one-on-one consultation, please consider using our OWL at writingcenter@wsu.edu.
  • Help with written exams can only be given with prior approval from the instructor of the course.