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The College of Arts and Sciences is more relevant than ever in our global, diverse, and fast-changing world. Our programs provide the building blocks for success in any career and important life skills for citizens of the 21st century. We look forward to helping you meet your educational goals.

A solid foundation in the Arts and Sciences is at the core of every WSU Vancouver education. Our academic programs include the social and natural sciences, mathematics, humanities, and fine arts. We offer twelve bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees, and opportunities for doctoral and post-doctoral study. Multidisciplinary and collaborative learning, hands-on research with faculty, and real-world engagement with our community all contribute to a unique educational experience. 

By developing your ability to think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, and use analytic skills to solve complex problems, your Arts and Sciences education will equip you for success. Whether you become a biologist, a social media specialist, a counselor, a climate scientist, or enter one of the many other occupations available to our graduates, you will be well-prepared for what lies ahead. 

Arts and Sciences faculty are outstanding teachers who are nationally and internationally known for their research and creative endeavors.  Together, we aim to create an environment of research and discovery that contributes to solving local and global problems, enhances opportunity, and enriches the lives of our students and community. 

Amy S. Wharton
Director of the College of Arts and Sciences

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