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Offered as: Minor

Criminal justice studies the problem of crime, its causes, and its control. Students receive a broad-based and multi-disciplinary education. The curriculum focuses on the organization, processes, and policies of the criminal justice system and covers theories of crime and social control; research and evaluation skills in policy analysis; and issues in organization and management.

The Criminal Justice program offers a policy-focused curriculum which provides students with broad exposure in the social sciences preferred by governmental and private agencies. The program of study prepares students for positions in the criminal justice system (e.g.,policing, courts, corrections, probation, and parole, and juvenile justice programs), other government agencies (e.g., policy planning, crime research, and investigation), and private sector. Students who wish to go on to graduate education or law school have found the criminal justice courses to be useful and relevant preparation. Students who pursue courses in criminal justice are prepared to think critically about criminal justice policies, to articulate and solve legal problems, and to write professionally and creatively about legal and criminal justice issues.

If you are interested in declaring a minor, please contact: Shellynda Michalek, 360-546-9106.
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