WSU Vancouver Humanities

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The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities is an interdisciplinary liberal arts degree program in which students combine study in English with study in a second humanities field, a social science field (including anthropology, political science, psychology, sociology, criminal justice, history, or critical culture, gender, and race studies), business or human development. Students may also combine digital technology and culture, history, or critical culture, gender, and race studies with a second field of study in either English or Humanities and earn a BA in Humanities.

The program emphasizes analysis, synthesis, and communications skills that are increasingly in demand in southwest Washington's rapidly evolving economy and offers a way to train for a variety of careers or graduate and professional programs.

As the only college in southwest Washington to offer a bachelor's degree in Humanities, WSU Vancouver balances the research emphasis of a large university with the commitment to teaching of a small liberal arts college. A WSU degree carries the prestige of one of the nation's leading teaching and research universities.

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