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Academic coordinators can help you plan your course towards your degree. CAS advisors meet with current students every fall and spring semester. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the advising resources available to you.

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Academic coordinators and majors advised

Katrina Choi

Lead Academic Coordinator

Advising Areas: English & Psychology

When did you start working at WSU: 2007/2011

Favorite Food: Budae jjigae (Army Base Stew) & dessert because it’s the most important meal of the day!

Advice for Students: Take advantage of opportunities to build your resume as early as your first semester. Volunteering and searching for internships related to your degree is just as important as selecting your major and possible minor to work towards your career and graduate school. Career Services has great workshops and services to help you build your resume, improve your interviewing skills and prepare for life after graduation.

Emily Earhart

Academic Coordinator

Advising Areas: Biology, Neuroscience & Pre-Health

When did you start working at WSU: July 2013 (and a WSUV alum)

Favorite food: Three-way tie with pizza, tacos, and donuts

Advice for students: Take an active role in your education. Be familiar with your degree requirements so you'll know what classes you need and want when you need to take them.

Ted Fordyce

Academic Coordinator

Advising Areas: Data Analytics, Digital Technology and Culture, & Math

Nicole Hess

Scholarly Associate Professor

Advising Areas: Anthropology, Environmental Science, Human Biology, Humanities Plan A (Anthropology) & Social Sciences Plan A (Anthropology)

When did you start working at WSU: 2007

Favorite Food: Artichokes

Advice for students: Read the syllabus.

Erin Leverman

Academic Coordinator

Advising Areas: Non-Science Internships, Personnel Psychology/Human Resources, Public Affairs, Humanities Plan A (English, DTC and Fine Arts), Humanities Plan B, Social Sciences Plan A (Criminal Justice & Psychology), Social Sciences Plan B & Sociology

When did you start working at WSU: July 2017

Favorite food: Burgers

Advice for students: Don't be afraid to connect with faculty, staff, and other students. This will make your college experience richer and more meaningful!

Shellynda Michalek

Academic Advisor

Advising Areas: All minors and certificates

When did you start working at WSU: 2006

Favorited food: Fermented Grapes & Doritos

Advice to Student: Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth

Aaron Whelchel

Associate Professor, Career Track

Advising Areas: History, Humanities Plan A (History, Foreign Language & Spanish) & Social Sciences Plan A (History, Political Science, Sociology & Women’s Studies)

When did you start working at WSU: It depends on how you measure it. The earliest would be 1996, but I started my role as an advisor in 2012.

Favorite Food: Hard to choose just one but cheesecake is near the top!

Advice for students: Be organized, be curious, and be proactive in your education!

Debra Wilmington

Associate Professor, Career Track

Advising Areas: Biology & Pre-Health