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Academic coordinators can help you plan your course towards your degree. CAS advisors meet with current students every fall and spring semester. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of the advising resources available to you.

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Academic coordinators and majors advised

Katrina Choi

Katrina Choi

Academic Coordinator

Emily Earhart

Emily Earhart

Academic Coordinator
Environmental Science

Ted Fordyce

Academic Coordinator
Digital Technology and Culture/CMDC
Humanities, concentration in Digital Technology and Culture
Humanities, concentration in English
Humanities, concentration in Fine Arts
Social Sciences

Nicole Hess

Academic Coordinator
Humanities, concentration in Anthropology
Social Sciences, concentration in Anthropology

Erin Leverman

Academic Coordinator
Social Sciences, concentration in Criminal Justice, Psychology

Shellynda Michalek

Academic Advisor
All Minors

Lindy Volk

Lead Academic Coordinator
Integrated Strategic Communication
Public Affairs
Social Sciences, concentration in Personnel Psychology and Human Resources

Aaron Whelchel

Academic Coordinator
Humanities, concentration in Communication
Humanities, concentration in Foreign Languages
Humanities, concentration in History
Humanities, concentration in Spanish
Social Sciences, concentration in Communication
Social Sciences, concentration in History
Social Sciences, concentration in Political Science
Social Sciences, concentration in Sociology
Social Sciences, concentration in Women's Studies

Debra Wilmington

Academic Coordinator