Creative Media and Digital Culture

Unique to WSU Vancouver, the Creative Media and Digital Culture program is the home of the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Technology and Culture. Both are often identified by their acronyms: CMDC program and DTC degree.

Learn. Think. Build.

Sitting at the intersection of art, technology and the humanities the CMDC program provides a well-rounded education in culture as well as technology.

The program focuses on the relationship between technology and humanity, integrating critical thinking, creativity and computing skills with coursework in the arts, humanities, social sciences, management information systems and computer science.

An interdisciplinary degree

As a CMDC student, you can expect to gain not only a broad understanding about the creation of media objects but also a sense of ethics about their production and use.

The broad-based, interdisciplinary DTC degree prepares you for a culturally diverse, technologically complex 21st century.