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Bachelor of Arts in Digital Technology and Culture

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WSU Vancouver’s digital technology and culture degree offers six areas of specialty: web design and development; game studies and design; 2D/3D animation and 3D modeling; multimedia authoring; and social media and SEO strategy. You will develop a strong sense of the theories, histories and production processes related to digital technologies and media, as well as strong essential skills such as written and oral communication, teamwork, project management and ethics.

At WSU Vancouver, you will get real-world experience and engage in projects aimed at serving the community and beyond through directed studies and externships. These outside-the-classroom experiences will help you with career networking and developing a commitment to public service.

  1. Coding in basic web languages and design with tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator
  2. The foundations of the web and other digital technologies
  3. How to collaborate in a team environment
  4. Communication across multiple platforms
  5. Specialty in an area of your choosing. such as animation in Maya, Blender or AfterEffects; advanced coding and programming languages; or video production and editing

Front-end designer, full stack developer, UX/UI designer, multimedia or graphic designer, instructional software developer, video game designer or developer, videographer, content development specialist, animator, social media marketing specialist, SEO specialist

Minor in Digital Technology and Culture

  • For digital technology and culture major or minor details, see the course catalog.

Certificate in Digital Technology and Culture