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Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Ecosystem Sciences

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Environmental science is the study of our natural, modified and built environments, how they work and how humans interact with, depend upon and alter these systems. WSU Vancouver’s program is interdisciplinary and incorporates biological, physical and social sciences.

At WSU Vancouver, you will gain an understanding of environmental, climate and ecological systems, how and why they are changing, and what we can do to adapt and respond to these changes. You will also learn to assess and analyze beneficial and disruptive interactions between humans and these systems—knowledge that is critical for solving the complex environmental problems that are already affecting our society, forests and ecosystems. These problems include climate change, wildfires, loss of freshwater and coastal resources, food and water insecurity, and environmental injustices. You will learn to think critically, creatively and ethically about contemporary issues and challenges associated with global change and life on a dynamic Earth, and to appreciate environmental and social issues in the context of a diverse global society.

  1. Use scientific methods, quantitative and symbolic reasoning and decision-making processes to explore and analyze problems in the natural and social sciences
  2. Understand the foundations of contemporary science, including the scientific method, hypothesis formation and testing, objectivity, and peer review and evaluation
  3. Identify and use relevant scientific information sources
  4. Communicate effectively with both public and professional science audiences
  5. Evaluate environmental and social issues in the context of a diverse global society

Environmental/climate scientist, environmental risk analyst, environmental consultant, environmental lawyer, policy maker, natural resource manager, urban and regional planner, land use planner, environmental educator, school teacher, water manager, environmental advocate/organizer, park ranger, ecologist, environmental historian, conservationist/preservationist, water

Minor in Environmental Science

Graduate programs

In addition, M.S. and Ph.D. programs in environmental science are offered on the Vancouver campus. For information, see Graduate Study.