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Mathematics is the oldest and most fundamental of the sciences. Ancient societies all over the world discovered and applied mathematical ideas independently. It is the foundation of physical and social sciences, and an essential tool for scientific research. Modern industries and technology rely on advanced mathematical theory. Mathematics is also a dynamic, rapidly growing subject that sprouts new ideas, new methods and new applications every day.

At WSU Vancouver, you have the flexibility to choose between the applied mathematics option and the teaching without certificate option. Applied mathematics prepares you to use mathematics-based theories and techniques to formulate and solve problems in business, government, engineering and the sciences. The teaching without certificate option provides you with foundations in both higher-level mathematics and teaching that will prepare you to enroll in a master in teaching certificate program for mathematics.

  1. Computational skills
  2. Ability to predict various probable outcomes
  3. Ability to formulate, model and solve problems from physical and social sciences
  4. Flexibility to apply knowledge across many applications
  5. Ability to work with colleagues

Actuary, NASA, mathematics teacher, statistician, general accountant, mathematician, department of health and human resources professional, national security agency researcher, computer communications, aerospace engineer, biometrician, data scientist, cost analyst, econometrician, cryptographer

Choose from two options:

For details on these options, see the Mathematics Guide for the Undergraduate and the course catalog.

Undergraduate research

Mathematics and statistics faculty active in research can mentor undergraduate students in research projects. Please contact individual faculty to find out more details.

Graduate program

The M.S. and Ph.D. in Mathematics are offered by the WSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics. You may pursue these degrees on the Vancouver campus, under the guidance and supervision of Vancouver-based faculty.

For details about the program and funding support, visit the Department of Mathematics Graduate Studies website.