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Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Courses Degree Requirements Advising Resources

Psychology provides a strong background for a wide range of careers such as government service, human resources, education, sales and service/health industries. WSU Vancouver provides opportunities for you to participate in current research projects and community internships.

At WSU Vancouver, you will gain a broad understanding of psychology and its application in society. Courses in statistics and research methodology provide a solid foundation. You will elect to study one of three broad categories depending on your interests: neuroscience and cognitive psychology, social and organizational psychology, or clinical/counseling psychology.

  1. Working effectively with others
  2. Appreciation for and contribution to diversity, equity and inclusion
  3. Skills to search for and evaluate the validity of information
  4. Ability to recognize the strengths and limits of human learning and decision making

Counselor, therapist, rehabilitation specialist, behavioral management expert, researcher, psychological test administrator, social worker, personnel trainer, human resource manager, sales/marketing specialist, business professional, attorney, teacher, service specialist, hospitality worker, health care practitioner, consultant.

Graduate program

You can also earn a Ph.D. in experimental psychology on the Vancouver campus. For more information, see Graduate Studies.

Minor in Psychology

For psychology minor details, see the course catalog.