Biology students wearing lifevest holding a vile with liquid.

Bachelor of Science in Biology

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Biology is the study of all living things—how they reproduce, grow and evolve, and how they relate to each other and to their environment. Organisms from bacteria to firs and elephants are studied at different scales of organization, ranging from chemical and molecular to the cellular, to populations and ecosystem. WSU Vancouver introductory course sizes are under 100 and many courses are under 30 students, allowing substantial interaction with instructors. Get hands-on experience help in with research in faculty labs.

At WSU Vancouver, the biology major is built around core courses in chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, ecology, evolution and genetics. Shape the program to emphasize cellular and molecular biology, microbiology, ecology and environmental science, neuroscience or human health (anatomy, physiology, animal development, etc.).

  1. Mastery of biological concepts and the ability to integrate concepts across subfields of biology
  2. Effective written and verbal communication
  3. Scientific literacy and critical thinking skills
  4. Field and laboratory skills in area of emphasis, such as chemical, micro- and molecular biology lab skills and population surveys

Health sciences professional (physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, dentistry, optometry, physical therapy and others), veterinarian, attorney, high school science teacher, health educator, food science technician, biomedical technician, forensics specialist, environmental consultant, environmental technician, pharmaceutical salesperson, science policy expert

Minor in Biology

For Biology minor details, see the course catalog.

Graduate programs

The B.S. in Biology also provides a solid foundation for graduate studies in the natural sciences. On the Vancouver campus, you can earn graduate degrees in environmental science, biology and plant biology, mathematics, environmental and natural resource sciences. For more information, see Graduate Studies.