How much does the Writing Center charge for its services?

Nothing! It is a FREE service provided by WSU Vancouver.

Do I need an appointment?

The Writing Center is currently on a first-come, first-serve drop-in basis. However, if you find a writing consultant that you like to work with, you can always discuss setting up a designated time to work with that consultant during his/her work hours.

What should I bring to the tutoring session?

Please bring the original assignment/instructions whenever possible and a hardcopy of your paper. If you are bringing a paper that has already been through one revision with a tutor, please bring in the original paper along with the revision. This will help the second tutor know what changes you have made.

Can I drop off my paper and come back later?

The Writing Center does not accept drop off papers. If you have difficulty scheduling a face-to-face consultation, please consider submitting your paper via the OWL at writingcenter@wsu.edu. The Writing Center wants to do more than simply edit papers for grammar and spelling. We want to TALK about writing and feel that we are more helpful to you on a personal level.

How long is a typical tutoring session?

The typical session lasts 45 minutes.

Will the Writing Center give me a grade on my paper?

Only your professor can grade your paper.

Is the Writing Center for WSU Vancouver students only?

Yes, the WSU Vancouver Writing Center serves current and former students of WSU.

Do I need to submit my paper before coming in?

No. However, the Writing Center does have an online response service, the OWL, for you to use at your convenience.

What about the Writing Portfolio, do I submit it to the Writing Center?

The Writing Center has processed portfolios in the past, but no longer does. Writing Portfolio issues/questions should be directed to van.writingassessment@wsu.edu.

Will the Writing Center proofread/edit my paper for grammar?

The Writing Center is not a proofreading service. We look at global issues, such as structure, thesis statement, etc. first. We will usually note any grammatical errors we find along the way, or representations of bigger issues throughout the paper.

Who runs the Writing Center?

Dr. Kandy Robertson, Scholarly Professor of English, is the Writing Center coordinator.

May I come to the Writing Center even if I don't have a paper to be read?

Absolutely. It's not always a quiet place like the library but we have 11 computers, comfortable couches, and tables for anyone to use. We also have free coffee!

May I check out reference books from the Writing Center?

Although we do not provide lending services for any of the text or reference books, we have several handouts available for anyone who wants them.

Where is the Writing Center located?

The Writing Center is in the Library Building on the second floor, room 203. Find us on the campus map.