Environmental Science, M.S.

Gain an interdisciplinary, applications-oriented education in the Master of Science in Environmental Science program at WSU Vancouver. The program is designed to enable you to analyze and understand natural ecosystems, predict environmental change, and participate in the management of environmental issues.

Your research will be the focus of your thesis, with concentrated course work enabling you to delve into a specific academic area. Core courses will provide breadth of knowledge through study of ecology, environmental policy, applied sciences and quantitative methods.

Admission to the program

The M.S. in Environmental Science program is a thesis-oriented research experience, and a member of the faculty must sponsor you for admission. Before applying, contact a WSU Vancouver science faculty member with research interests similar to your own about becoming your advisor.

Faculty advisors in the M.S. in Environmental Science degree program:


Research and teaching assistantships are available to support graduate students working toward an M.S. in Environmental Science. Fellowships in environmental science are available to support research through the School of the Environment. In addition, many of our students are supported by highly competitive fellowships from the National Science Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency and other programs.